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Jaguar xj8 engine repair or replacement

BMW Engine Repair or Replacement

This week’s event on an Import engine replacement!   Per the customer he received a Dealer estimate on a full engine replacement $30,000.  Our price for the completed job pictured was $16,500.  Call now!

Why use San Antonio Euro?  Our technicians are factory trained, ASE certified, and we offer a better warranty!

Cost of a BMW engine repair or replacement

A BMW engine repair or an engine replacement on any vehicle for that matter can be very pricey. It is so it is very important to take it to a professional early on to avoid misdiagnosis, further damage, and or subsequent related failures to other systems on the vehicle such as exhaust and cooling systems. Most of the time it is necessary to “tear down” your BMW engine for inspection. This allows the technician and service advisor to give you a more complete and accurate estimate. Dealerships quotes can start at $17k and sky rocket upward for repairs of this nature depending on the extent of the damage to your engine. Labor rates are high and parts are matrixed priced. Also, some special tools and programs are required to do the replacement. All the more reason to bring your BMW to those of us in the know.

Jaguar xj8 engine repair or replacement

The best solution for your BMW engine repair or replacement

San Antonio Euro has the factory trained technicians, the special tools, and the OEM parts that are required for this repair.  Our labor rates are considerably less than those found at the dealerships and we employ factory trained technicians. Although an engine replacement is a hard pill to swallow we can do it for less than the dealer and get you in and out in a timely manner. Our Service Manager Mike Newman will take the time to explain the repair to you. You are welcome to visit with the technician working on your vehicle. We invite you to come into the Auto Group of San Antonio complex and take a look at your vehicle’s internal workings allowing you to see needed repairs first hand. If you find yourself in need of a BMW engine repair or replacement, San Antonio Euro will help you in the most cost effective and timely way possible.

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