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Toyota Prius check engine light on

If you need professional Toyota Prius repair in San Antonio give us a call. At San Antonio Euro we have the   expertise to professionally repair Toyota Prius electrical problems.
The images on this page show how a customer came to our shop with their 2008 Toyota Prius with the RED SERVICE LIGHT and the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON.

After scanning with our Snap-on Scanner we found code P0A09. The Technician then went to All-Data repairToyota Prius converter diagnostics and found That the DC converter had a short to ground. The DC / DC converter converts the DC 201.6 V of the HV battery into DC 12 V in order to supply power to the vehicle’s lighting, audio and ECU systems. In addition, it charges the auxiliary battery.

Toyota Prius red service light After replacing the Converter/Inverter we charged the hybrid battery , cleared the codes and test drove vehicle. After the technician was finished our Quality Control person test drove one last time.

The estimate from the local Dealer for the repair was $4,556 which was not economical.
We fixed the problem at a cost of $2,636.Toyota Prius red service light
We also provided the customer our 24 month / 24,000 mile Nation-wide warranty for peace of mind!
The savings of $1,920 meant our repair was almost half of the Dealer estimate!
Our goal at San Antonio Euro is to provide you with professional service at a fair price and in a timely manner.
So remember, the next time your red service light or check engine light turn on … give San Antonio Euro a call at (210) 496-3222!